Are You Ready To Profit With Podcasting? It’s About Time For You To Learn Profitable Podcasting In The Modern world! Podcasts are a lot easier to create and the space is less crowded so you can stand out much more easily. When you create and publish podcasts you will be able to reach out to new audiences. It is possible to build great relationships with your audience through podcasting. There has never been a better time to start your own podcast. Sales of smartphones over recent years have fueled more interest in podcasts and now there are more podcast listeners than ever before. And the numbers are growing every year. Planning your podcasts is a very important step in the process and many marketers make the mistake of trying to wing it. A number of marketers have tried to create a successful podcast and failed. This is because they tried to use outdated methods to get their podcasts noticed, or because they just didn’t know what they were doing. There are many ways that you can monetize your podcasts and earn a significant income from them every month. But how can YOU benefit from it? Here’s where my advice for you comes in. With My Advice… You will learn how to create high quality and high value podcasts that listeners crave. You will learn how you can get the word out to your target audience. You will learn how to spend a small amount of time planning to create the very best podcasts for your audience. You will learn how you can monetize your podcasts and earn a significant income from them every month. You will learn the techniques to provide your listeners with the content that they want. To make it easy, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how it’s done...

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  • By: valary vee
    3 years ago

    This course was great. Thanks to the admin for creating My profile on after I finished the course.

  • By: Peter Sakari
    3 years ago

    Stumbling on this course has really changed my perception. I've always had a powerful voice but I feel getting my content out will be very expensive. I'm getting work done immediately. This course is everything to get you started as a superior podcaster with little or no budget at all. Its a master class for me!

  • By: Elizabeth Ombima
    3 years ago

    The knowledge is extremely so grateful for having taken this certain able to do an Interview style podcast for two personally because have learned how the set up is done and it would look like with tools and equipment. The instructor used the updated method of teaching and how to navigate through your podcast presentation. looking forward to launching my own podcast soon.

  • By: Margaret Auma
    3 years ago

    So interesting and engaging session with my tutor.highly recommended course...

  • By: Castah Halima
    3 years ago

    I learned a lot in this course, however, towards the middle of the course, it feels a bit rushed. It took a long time to wrap my head around functions and classes before being able to complete the Milestone projects. Had to go through various external sources before coming back to this course.

  • By: Ciru Kamanda
    3 years ago

    Completed the course. I was able to understand the things but I have to practice a lot to get experienced. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good work!

  • By: Jeremiah Githinji
    3 years ago

    I already knew some aspects of it, but it was good to understand why I was doing what I was doing and learnt some new things as well. The course was detailed yet comprehensive, gave me some really useful strategies and made me think of how to build engagement for my brand and platform.Thanks to my tutor.

  • By: Ruth Ndunge
    3 years ago

    Well, I really enjoyed this course very much. It is very informative and easy to follow. I have been creating podcast for a few years now, I now understand how I can use podcast for my marketing strategy. Thank you John, a fab course

  • By: Peter Kinyanjui
    3 years ago

    this is a mind blowing course. I have learned so much from this course and I'm super excited about getting started making modern podcast episodes. Thank you academy world factory for this opportunity.

  • By: Cleve Mwebi
    3 years ago

    Very well explained, amazed to find such to the point course. Explanations are simple enough to be understood and at the same time rich enough for curious students to learn finer aspects.

  • By: Esther Malundu
    3 years ago

    wonderful job for your first academy world factory course. The information provided in this course is insightful and relevant to anyone wanting to have their own podcast. I appreciate technical approach to the information provided. The good presentation asset allowing the student to easily implement the ideas presented in the class.

  • By: Meshack Mwendwa
    3 years ago

    It was amazing to learn the basics and overlays of starting your podcast. Therefore it has solved base understanding of how to utilize less time to make an effective podcast and with this knowledge i can now advance to next level .

  • By: Diana Karuri
    3 years ago

    Good coverage with a range of recommendations. While it necessarily is an overview of some subjects like marketing, they give excellent tips to get you started in all areas of podcasting. They also pointed out flaws in some things I'd previously been recommended. Already the sound of my podcast is much improved. I'll be recommending the course in an upcoming article on the topic. Thanks alot

  • By: George Ouma
    3 years ago

    Wow, he does a great job explain the little details that are so important but sometime overseen. I would have never know these little things went into podcasting. Totally Amazing.Thank you Bailey

  • By: Juma Phelix
    3 years ago

    I appreciate that this is not just theory. John shows specific examples of the concepts he teaches. Learning from his experience is valuable. I would recommend this course for people who are serious about monetizing a podcast.

  • By: Anthony Maina
    3 years ago

    Another example of a John Bailey educational and training opportunity that helps me believe that I too can do this! Thanks John for enlightening us on how you've done it. Great academy world factory course! I'll be back for another soon, for sure!

  • By: Chepkorir Moraa
    3 years ago

    My dream come true course. Tonnes of useful information with great presentations that are simple and quite instructive. Mixing and mastering on Audacity are the best parts of this instructor I have ever met... good job!!?

  • By: George Kamau
    3 years ago

    I wanted to do a rather expensive well known podcasting course to help me start a new podcast. But I found this one recommended online as an inexpensive good alternative. I have been impressed with the quality of information so far. It seems thorough and covers virtually all aspects of what's required to set up a new podcast.

  • By: Jerad Onchiri
    3 years ago

    Wonderfully structured course covering all aspects on Online Course Creation. I am not only feeling motivated to create my own course, I am now feeling confident of making it a success. Phil has shared everything that empowers a newbie with the knowledge of what all goes into this domain apart from just being an expert on the subject matter. I would thank Phil with a lot gratitude !!

  • By: Ken Mutua
    3 years ago

    This is a course designed for people who are brand new to podcasting. Perhaps they've just started and are lost or they're considering creating a podcast for whatever reasons. The teacher is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and breaks everything down into easy to digest bits that don't seem overwhelming. I personally enjoyed his conversational manner and his excitement over the topic. I also took a lot of notes and feel that I received fair value for my money

  • By: Bonface Oduory
    3 years ago

    A very good course. Got a lot of input s on how I can monetize my podcasts and earn a significant income from them every month and that's what am enjoying right now....thanks to academy for this wonderful platform and best training that you offer with fab definitely recommending you guys to enroll in this course no regrets

  • By: Geofrey Mosiria
    3 years ago

    This is a great course so far, but I am not giving it the full 5 stars just because it is using a MacBook to do all the editing, and I never saw this in the course description. A lot of the editing programs in use are available only in apple products. However, there is a little bit of editing with Windows and that is very helpful.

  • By: Simon Kimani
    3 years ago

    The lecturer has designed this course with clear plans and decades of hands-on experience.the lecturer went further to add extra value by sharing personal networks and thoughtful exercises!Very practical and easy to learn!! It was super helpful & complete for beginners who want to master the podcasting skill and be a host himself/herselfHighly recommend it!.

  • By: Kinyua Njeri
    3 years ago

    Amazing course, great instructor... I am very happy and satisfied with the course and intend to buy the other courses of Bailey John = D