Syllabus and Overview - EM Spectrum and Narrowband Signals - Introduction to Digital Communication Systems - Introduction to Information Theoretic Approach - Introduction to Information Theoretic Approach & Discrete - Probability - Discrete Probability - Measure of Information - Average Mutual Information & Entropy - Huffman coding - Huffman coding & Error Control Coding - Error Control Coding & Hamming Code - Quantization & PCM - Uniform Quantization - Non Uniform Quantization - DPCM - Data Modulation - Multiplexing - Signal Design - Gram Schmidt Orthogonalization - Signal Space & Maximum Likelihood Detection - Digital Modulation - Response Of Bank Of Correlators - Error Performance of QPSK - Error Performance of BFSK & M-ARY PSK - Power Spectra - Matched Filter Receiver - Carrier & Timing Recovery; Non Coherent DeModulation

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LECTURES: 1.Syllabus and Overview (Digital Communications by Prof. S. Chakrabarti sir) 2.EM Spectrum and Narrowband Signals 3.Introduction to Digital Communication Systems 4.Introduction to Information Theoretic Approach 5.Introduction to Information Theoretic Approach and discrete probability 6.Discrete Probability 7.Measure of Information 8.Average Mutual Information and Entropy 9.Huffman coding 10.Huffman coding and Error Control Coding 11.Error Control Coding and Hamming Code 12.Quantization and PCM 13.PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) (Cont.) 14.Uniform Quantization 15.Non Uniform Quantization (Companding) 16.Non Uniform Quantization (Cont..) 17.Differential PCM (DPCM) 18.DPCM (Cont..) 19.Delta Modulation 20.Delta Modulation (Contd...) 21.Multiplexing 22.Multiplexing (Cont..) 23.Multiplexing Cont.. and Signal Design 24.Gram Schmidt Orthogonalization 25.GramSchmidt Orthogonalization (Cont..) 26.Signal Space and Maximum Likelihood Detection 27.Signal Space and Maximum Likelihood Detection (Cont..) 28.Signal Space and Maximum Likelihood Detection (Cont..) 29.Digital Modulation 30.Digital Modulation (Cont..) 31.Digital Modulation (Cont..) 32.Digital Modulation (Cont..) 33.Digital Modulation (Cont..) 34.Response Of Bank Of Correlators 35.Error Performance of QPSK 36.Error Performance of BFSK and M-ARY PSK 37.Power Spectra 38.Matched Filter Receiver 39.Carrier and Timing Recovery Non Coherent DEMOD
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