Are You Ready To Start Profiting With Bitcoin? It’s About Time For You To Follow The Right Strategies To Profit With Bitcoin! Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is another term that you need to be familiar with. Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any central powers – not yet at least. Every Bitcoin is just a computer file stored in what’s called a digital wallet. Dear Friend, Now is a very good time to take an interest in Bitcoin and invest in it. It has been going strong for 10 years and its popularity has soared. In order to make the best returns on Bitcoin investments you need to understand what it really is and how it works. Many people think that Bitcoin is a scam, but it certainly isn’t. However there have been some scams in the cryptocurrency world. You just need to know the best way to obtain Bitcoins and the most trusted investment strategies. Here’s where my advice for you comes in. With My Advice… You will learn how to avoid scams in cryptocurrency. You will learn how work the blockchain technology. You will be able to keep your bitcoins safe in the best wallets. You will know the best way to obtain bitcoins and the best investment strategies. You will learn the advice you need to follow to make a good return on your investment. To make it easy, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how it’s done... What you'll learn will learn how to avoid scams in cryptocurrency will learn how work the blockchain technology will be able to keep your bitcoins safe in the best wallets will know the best way to obtain bitcoins and the best investment strategies will learn the advice you need to follow to make a good return on your investment

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  • By: japheth kilenga
    3 years ago

    Amazing presentation. Looking forward to the rest of course! Wow great course benefits everyone - so grateful for everything is life!

  • By: charity nzomo
    3 years ago

    it was a very great and superb learning experience with excellent presentations. Thank you

  • By: Victor mmasi mmasi
    3 years ago

    This is probably the most important thing I have ever learnt; I shudder to think of the years (almost a decade of my life) I've spent putting myself down for being a procrastinator/ not getting stuff done when it was not my fault as much as how I had been taught to organize my life. Thank you! If I had a note so far I guess I'd say as a person who uses pen and paper it may have been reassuring to know that after making the digital system you'd still cover how to work in the paper method because I was lost for a bit when making my system on Asana. But honestly that is such a small thing and it still worked out in the end.

  • By: geofrey wekesa
    3 years ago

    Content was good and overall product is great. thumbs up to the lecturer. Can't stop buying more courses on Blockchain technology and bitcoin by Daisy. Her way of delivering contents is outstanding! Amazing content and easy explanation used. I would recommend for a beginners.

  • By: Caroline kosgei
    3 years ago

    Explains and breaks down everything about Bitcoins. This course helps you see sales in a different perspective where it's so beneficial and learn so much about what Bitcoins truly is. Makes you an even better in bitcoin marketing

  • By: Maureen gasmir
    3 years ago

    Yes, it has been very useful for me as someone that has already got just a very basic introduction . I have not got the chance yet to practise the different exercises step by step. But, I am trying to get a good grasp first.

  • By: Eddah Nzia
    3 years ago

    This is one best cryptocurrency trading courses I've found online. The quality of the teaching is notable. Miss Daisy Tayler unpacks the material with the command of an expert, explains it like a natural educator, and delivers it in an easy, conversational style that makes listening to the lectures a pleasure. This is an excellent and straightforward introduction to cryptocurrency trading that I think provides real value for beginners like myself. Well done.

  • By: Mary Njeri
    3 years ago

    for real it's a good place to start. It describes the bitcoin fundamentals very clear. I had no prior knowledge and also little computer technology knowledge. Thanks for credible resources.

  • By: Martha Mwaura
    3 years ago

    Course was good but I feel the concepts were more or less circling around Bitcoin rather than other focussing on other applications of block chain. Please do try to rope in basics of other usages of Block chain also rather than focusing on Bitcoin alone. Otherwise, the content was amazing and well structured. Thanks for it.

  • By: Peris Warigia
    3 years ago

    It was a very good to learn the content from a beginner's perspective, but I did find that there were a few questions in the exam and even in the quizzes in the course, I felt had in no way been touched on in the lectures. Overall, I wouldn't have passed the exam without this course and it was very easy to digest, but I think there could be a bit more to the content

  • By: Juma Phelix
    3 years ago

    it is good for investment in cryptocurrency understanding it need to add more about block-chain and mining instructor is very good to transfer the knowledge

  • By: Isaac Ongoma
    3 years ago

    This class did a superb job for creating awareness to me on bitcoins and blockchains.... honestly I had no idea about it but now am super excited for the knowledge instilled to me.I am looking forward to deploying Blockchain as a management tool for my business. for sure, I can apply the core features, disintermediated, decentralization and trustless to mitigate overhead cost.

  • By: Ocharo Ondieki
    3 years ago

    Ive wanted to learn about Crypto for a while but was hesitant because it seemed daunting. Glad I took this course because I now feel confident. I learnt a lot about cryptocurrency and trading through this course.

  • By: George Kamau
    3 years ago

    Love the course! Amazing instructor. Great coverage of material. I am new to cryptocurrency world. After completing the course I feel that I am ready to go to practice with solid understanding the theory. I sing in for another investing courses form Daisy Tyler. Cannot wait to proceed. Thanks.

  • By: Amisi Atieno
    3 years ago

    Good to know over the lesson, good experience of understanding, need some real time scenario more for better understanding and control while making the transaction and mapping