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  • By: Festus Muia
    3 years ago

    This SEO course is very informative, providing many useful strategies for improving page rank, plus tools (most free!) to accomplish the task. The quizzes ensure that learning is happening, and the free resources serve as good references for later. Truly outstanding!. Thank you academy world factory.

  • By: Isaac Chebuche
    3 years ago

    I have used this course digital downloads for my own agency. He already put the step-by-step checklist together so I use it as my own marketing piece. After this course, I was able to talk intelligently enough about basic SEO practices to land a $1,500 per month ongoing gig. Thank you very much.

  • By: Jedidah Musyoki
    3 years ago

    This is one of the best courses i ever learned. It is very complete, easy to understand and extra full with useful informations. It helped me a lot to improve my skills in SEO and blogging and it answered to a lot of my questions. I absolutely recommend taking this course from Academy World factory. This guy is an expert and a very good teacher. Thank you academy world factory.

  • By: Jonathan Musyoki
    3 years ago

    Awesome course I would highly recommend this course, I love the way SEO is explain Step by Step, especially for beginners but this course is great for anyone that wants to learn SEO.