This Is a Free Course You only Pay for the Certificate, Price listed is for Certificate and Admin. Contents: Primary Dentition - Maxillary Premolars - Maxillary Molars Review - Maxillary Incisors - Mandibular Premolars Review - Mandibular Molars Review - Mandibular Incisors - Canines (Cuspids) Review - Review of Oral Tissues and Salivary Glands - Waxing a Mandibular Bicuspid - Introduction to Waxing, Bench Set-up Waxing a Maxillary Central Incisor - Waxing a Maxillary Second Bicuspid - Palato-Pharyngeal Function - Dental Anatomy and Endodontics - Dental Anatomy and Pedodontics - Dental Anatomy and Oral Surgery - Primary Dentition Review - Maxillary Premolars Review - Maxillary Incisors Review - Mandibular Premolars - Dental Anatomy Review - The Canine Teeth - Mandibular Molars

Course Timeline:
LECTURES: 1.Dental Anatomy Primary Dentition 2.Dental Anatomy Maxillary Premolars 3.Dental Anatomy Maxillary Molars Review 4.Dental Anatomy Maxillary Incisors 5.Dental Anatomy Mandibular Premolars Review 6.Dental Anatomy Mandibular Molars Review 7.Dental Anatomy Mandibular Incisors 8.Dental Anatomy Introduction 9.Dental Anatomy Canines (Cuspids) Review 10.Dental Anatomy Maxillary Molars 11.Review of Oral Tissues and Salivary Glands 12.Dental Anatomy Waxing a Mandibular Bicuspid 13.Dental Anatomy Introduction to Waxing, Bench Set-up 14.Dental Anatomy Waxing a Maxillary Central Incisor 15.Dental Anatomy Waxing a Maxillary Second Bicuspid 16.Palato-Pharyngeal Function 17.Dental Anatomy and Endodontics 18.Dental Anatomy and Pedodontics 19.Dental Anatomy and Oral Surgery 20.Dental Anatomy Primary Dentition Review 21.Dental Anatomy Maxillary Premolars Review 22.Dental Anatomy Maxillary Incisors Review 23.Dental Anatomy Mandibular Incisors Review 24.Dental Anatomy Mandibular Premolars 25.Dental Anatomy Quiz 1-9 Answers 26.Dental Anatomy Review 27.Dental Anatomy The Canine Teeth 28.OralMaxillofacial Surgery and Dental Anatomy 29.Dental Anatomy Mandibular Molars
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