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Job Placement on 2 Top freelance platforms

For Job Seekers - After Completing a Course on this Platform, contact the Placement Helpline and they will Create your Work Profile on 2 Top Freelance Platforms. They will set up your free profile ready for you to Start receiving freelance work (You can also recieve your freelance work Earnings in PayPal, direct debit or Mpesa).

Top online course platform in the world. Improve lives through learning.

improve lives through learning and creating work opportunities.

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Great website.

Dr. Deontae Kling Correctional Treatment Specialist

I enjoyed the sales course

Lexi Hills DVM Sales Person

Science course was really interesting

Rene O'Hara Space Sciences Teacher

The instructor was very responsive

Kianna Berge PhD Slot Key Person

Really interesting

Shayne Hand Musical Instrument Tuner
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What is Academy World Factory?

Academy World Factory provides an alternative to people who don't have the time or money to pursue additional training and education. You can learn when it is most convenient to you, not when a college decides to schedule courses. Academy World Factory offers classes on many career-oriented topics including coding, cybersecurity, IT certifications, business, office productivity..... ...... ...... ..... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... ..... .... .... ..... .... ... ... ... Can I take More than one Course ? You can take as many Courses as you would like. For Job Seekers the more courses you take the more services you are able to offer if you decide to use our online freelance Placement Helpline, AFTER completing your course. When your work profiles are created on the 3 freelance platforms, they will add more services to your profile for you to offer clients. Which would mean more work for you.

My Certificate & How Long do the lessons And tests take at the end of the course?

How long do the tests take at the end of the course?....…. ........... Not all courses have tests, You receive a Certificate after Completing Lessons.......... ....... But for the courses that do Most tests are short and simple tests take between 30mins to 1hr........ ........... ... When do I receive my Certificate? Your certificate is available 24 hours after your test.

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